Attention Please….

Your Latest Tumblers Update…
Who would have thought it? The new season is virtually here before the smell of singed hair has even left your nostrils from those BBQ experiments over the summer. The rat catchers are being dusted off, breeches being squeezed into, horses are looking round, the nights are drawing in and the dreaded X factor threatens to announce the arrival of Christmas . Its even begun to rain to soften the fall for you all
So to recap the heroes of last season were:
Oops I did it again prize Parke Bradley
Most Spectacular Fall prize Rachael Holdsworth
Red Mist Julian Thorpe
Family of Tumblers Laing Family
Youngest Tumbler Will Millard
Who needs a horse? Harriett Deering
And of course who can forget Will Haynes who had to his own prize named after him having fallen off more times than we had fingers and toes to count.
Who will join these noble folk this season in the hall of fame, other than Will that’s a given of course?!
So membership for this illustrious club will open on the 1st September, membership costs £5 but where else can such a small payment secure membership of a club that opens up such opportunity, a lasting bond and feeling of inclusiveness. You must not forget the added bonus of a chance to win this years, no expense spared, prizes and PARTY! As always we need the sneaks to report applications, offer an entry swig form a flask etc.
Happy Tumbling and let’s see who beats the autumn leaves to the ground.