Calling All Gracious Tumblers


Calling all gracious Tumblers. For those yet to splurge out on your Tumblers fee (list below), I will be at the meet this coming Saturday to gratefully receive your payment. As a reminder, the medium of exchange for said fall is £5 per tumble in the form of either coins or bank notes, so please remember to arrive well prepared.

• Bryony Martin (x2)
• Dianne Andrews
• Emily Jones
• Grant Laing
• Hannah Borissow
• Harry Hawkins
• Harry Hudson
• James Youatt MFH
• Jeremy Milne (x2)
• Jo Richardson (x2)
• John Hudson
• Julia Martin
• Julian Thorpe
• Lottie Bradley
• Lottie Clinch
• Lucy Kleinwort MFH
• Mark Burrell
• Penny Amico
• Will Haynes
• Will Millard

Best Wishes,