The Crawley and Horsham Hunt country lies entirely in Sussex and covers some 23 miles from Rudgwick in the North to the sea at Worthing, and about 20 miles from Pulborough in the west to Haywards Heath in the East.

The country offers a variety of challenges and riders can experience the thrill of riding to hounds through woodland, over open grassland and some arable in the Weald and open grassland on the South Downs. Jumping is optional and may be timber rails, tiger traps, some hedges and ditches. Hunting offers riders the opportunity to ride across land that would not normally be open to the public, to enjoy the sociable company of like minded people and the thrill of crossing the country with your horse. We are a friendly bunch and the camaraderie is such that there will always be someone to help you and show you the way. For more information, see below.