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About the HSBS
The Hunt Staff Benefit Society (HSBS) was established in 1872, under the name of the Hunt Servants’ Benefit Society. The name was changed to Hunt Staff Benefit Society on 1st January, 2004.
It is also sometimes referred to as the Hunt Staff (or Servants’) Benevolent Fund and the Hunt Staff (or Servants’) Benevolent Society. The present Patron and Governor is His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.
hsbs2The HSBS is a Registered Friendly Society benefiting the staff, without whom hunting could not exist. It is not a Charity. It offers a Personal Pension Scheme specifically, and only, for staff employed by Hunts. Contributions can be paid by Hunt Staff and/or their employers and the pension is specially designed for Hunt Staff to take with them during their career.
The Scheme offers secured benefits with the possibility of additional bonuses from successful investment performance. Over eleven million pounds are currently invested efficiently and successfully by professional Investment Managers overseen by the Executive Sub-Committee.
The unique aspect of the scheme is the additional support from Honorary Members’ Subscriptions, Donations (Caps from Hunts, Donations in Memorium, from Supporters Clubs and other sources) Legacies and Fund Raising activities.
If you are a hunt employee, or employ hunt staff, you should ask for further details of the Pension Scheme.
If you go hunting you should consider supporting the HSBS, for the benefit of Hunt Staff, by becoming an Honorary Member and supporting the HSBS’s fund raising activities.

For more information, visit the HSBS Website HERE