Tumblers 2015

Christmas has been and gone, the evenings are drawing out, the aspiring thrusters have jumped their gate and the trauma of seeing members of the hunt gyrate to Cotton-Eye Joe are beginning to fade, although some still tremble at the memory.
The Tumblers elite group has been quietly swelling in numbers over recent weeks. Those honoured this season has already surpassed the total membership of last season by almost 100%, it’s probably simpler to list those that have not applied this season. From the great to the smallest, people having being queuing at the club’s membership committee faster than most have taken plaits out at the end of the day. If you have not submitted your application please do not be disheartened, rather like bagging the goods on Black Friday we will no doubt see a mad final frenzy to top the roll of honour over the next few weeks.
So what are the contributing factors to this growth in membership, at a rate that Farage can only dream about of over his froth and fag.
Recent polling amongst the membership has suggested some of the following
  • The quality of the prizes last year?  a  must have for any aspiring hunter, I think not
  • The Pied Piper effect of Mr Neill Millard MFH and his challenging routes for the youngsters and Grant (he is always seen with this group, big kid or what)? The number of children that have taken soil samples home has certainly grown this season. It is a highly competitive class.
  • The sneaks and turn coats being more efficient, certainly a factor with two or more parents dobbing in their tumbling children, friends gleefully reporting the acrobatics of others. Please keep sneaking, we are even prepared to offer an amnesty until the 7th for others to spill the beans and in return you may be offered cheaper or even free membership for sponsorship of others to the club. For those wondering how to fulfil this role ask Wiz or Clem.
  • The new Mastership?  One or more of them have certainly joining the esteemed membership of the Tumblers, even if one Lady Master protested her horse was rolling, that old chestnut! Well grey in this instance.
  • Those who get a nosebleed if they leave the county or in some case their own paddocks, a condition known as Blazer’s Revenge?
  • The field mastering skills of Mr Marcus Gorman? They have involved jumping more challenging obstacles. A memorable afternoon at Shermanbury saw 11 new applications within three obstacles. Jackie, Vicky, Bridget, Tracey ,George, George, Jack, Laura, Ian, Chris, Duncan, Julie to name just a few of his victims, sorry members. Even the infamous Mr Gorman has not escaped without a remount during the day or a bloodied nose, not in this instance Blazer’s revenge but in the same parish.
  • Too strong a stirrup cup at the meet? Something has to explain the desire to flat out gallop at a ditch only to soar over it on your tod or the desire to jump into trees and wire fences when all you had to do was walk through the ditch.
  • The weather? The mud/bog certainly swallowed ponies and jockeys alike on New Year’s Day, with Gorman’s charge claiming many more earlier in the day.
  • The Will Haynes factor? Certainly catching, symptoms shown this year by Harriet, Kim, Will of course and others
  • The new subscribers? They certainly feature in the league table, the two most memorable being the Surrey Duo of Carol and Ollie.
Whatever the reasoning the number inspecting the turf is on the up, so do not hold back in joining this club, and becoming eligible for one of the much fought over titles. The honours this year fall, no pun intended, in to the following classes
  • The most Spectacular dismount
  • The most active tumbler, the Knight rider is looking a bookies favourite
  • The family/yard award
  • The youngest tumbler
Please keep the information flowing and the table will be circulated on the 8th of Feb so those wishing to challenge for the prizes before the end of season can make a miss, gravity, guided late application.
There is of course the Tumblers Club party to come… happy hunting and soft landings to you all.