Tumblers Club Grows In Members



October is upon us and as Autumn Hunting gets underway it is not only the leaves that gravity is causing to tumble to the ground. The elite membership is growing at a respectable rate.

The tally of people parting company so far is four, including a Master, a Huntsman, a youngster and a student who tumbled from a walk. So embarrassed was she, she has left the county taking her trusty stead with her!

To name and shame so early in the season would seem to be both unkind and discretion is, for the time being key, however that restraint will not and cannot last for too much longer. So to those of you who are the chief sneaks thank you for your telling of tales and please keep the information flowing. There will be a prize for best sneak!

To the elite four of you it is about time you paid up your five pounds membership please. For everyone else you know you will find this club hard to resist membership of, it is after all only a matter of time until we join.