Tumblers Season Ticket Anyone?

A message from Edward Goodsell

My hunting enthusiasts,

Last season produced some spectacular demonstrations of gravity in action, either through unavoidable acts of God or as a frightful consequence of pilot error.  No fewer than 67 (known) falls occurred throughout the season, keeping both our regular scouts in feverish spirit and the Tumblers’ cash flow in healthy order.

When it came to awarding the most spectacular fall of the season there was no doubting which one of her two falls in quick succession over a formidable Jendens hedge would be crowned the winner.  Leaving no ambiguity over what happened on that fateful day, our trusted photographer was on hand to capture and enshrine Mrs Richardson’s misfortune (and provide her with a seasons memento).  The benchmark has been set very high for our newest intake of Tumblers, but not insurmountable!

News of jockeys involuntary meetings with the ground is already filtering back to the Tumblers Committee at an alarming rate from discerning members of the field.  Those eagerly joining the ranks will testify that the benefits afforded to members of the Tumblers Club far out way the short-term grief of soggy breeches and a bruised pride.  With the new season in full thrust, the bookies are taking bets on the runners and riders to adorn the Tumblers’ wall-of-fame come March 2018, with some clear favourites emerging.

For those of you that are anticipating taking a regular dive through miscommunication with ones mount or inebriation fueld by sloe gin, we are introducing a must have ‘season ticket’ to the illustrious Tumblers Club, granting unlimited falls.

The 2017-18 rate-card is as follows:

  • Season Ticket – Field £25, Masters & Hunt Staff £40
  • Masters & Hunt Staff – £10 per fall
  • Field – £5 per fall

To all my scouts, keep up the good work and keep the information flowing.

Roll on another (safe) season of sport!