What To Wear

What to wear when you first come out hunting can seem confusing, but it really is just a matter of turning yourself and your horse out as smartly as you can, making sure that you are clean and tidy for the meet.  Traditional hunting dress is both warm and hard wearing, and if you plan to come out regularly then you should consider getting a good hunting coat.  Here are some general guidelines to help you look the part:


A note on buttons:  Hunt buttons are only worn once you have been invited to do so by a Master – they are an honour that is bestowed, not a right!  Members of the field should wear 3 buttons on the front of their coat, 4 buttons is reserved for Masters and 5 or 6 buttons is reserved for a Master who hunts hounds and hunt staff.  If you have a show jacket with more than 3 buttons, you can cover one of them up with a piece of black tape or piece of fabric.